it starts with a kissshe evolves in a different ocean where the words have no meaning, but now she is said to be sporadically looking for traces, clues and remnants for what is considered an act of vore. Deltoideus. There are objects: cinnamon, transformations, interstellar particles, demos, fog, murk, soap scum, testing and simulation, epistemological uncertainty and unicorns, swallowed up ready for digestion. There is nothing underneath. Pronator teres. Or, better, there is not even nothing underneath them. And this is not connected to any thought or feeling she might have. Brachioaradialis. There is no such thing as space independent of objects, better still not even nothing underneath it all, no self to please, no world as such. She wants neither clean hands nor beautiful souls, neither virtue nor terror. She wants superior forms of corruption. Indeed the more data she has the less it signifies a coherent world. What is called Universe is a large object that contains objects such as black holes and giant tubular worms. Shedding her dna allover the place, she also becomes less coherent to herself. it starts with a kiss. A sense of the world's volatility and artificiality seems to have faded from contemporary queer and feminist politics, in favour of a plural but static constellation of gender identities, in whose bleak light equations of the good and the natural are stubbornly restored. Nothing should be accepted as fixed, permanent, or given — neither material conditions nor social forms. it starts with a kiss. She mutates, navigates and probes every horizon. Obliquus externus abdominis. She is vehemently anti-naturalist. Flexor carpis radialis. Essentialist naturalism reeks of theology — the sooner it is exorcised, the better. Extensor digitorum. Likewise there is no such thing as an environment: wherever she looks for it, she finds all kinds of objects — biomes, ecosystems, hedges, gutters, systems of pipes, arteries, optical fibres, drains, fittings, valves, pulmonary loops and fixtures installed for the distribution of potable water for drinking, crude oil, information and human flesh. In a similar sense, there is no such thing as Nature. She has seen penguins, plutonium, pollution and pollen. it starts with a kiss. Post - C R A S H scenario II, conducted by: De-vore,  Rosi Braidotti, laboriacuboniks, Ella Plevin and Daniel Keller, Timothy Morton, deviantart, Rihanna, YGRG, Hito Steyerl, Orit Halpern, Shulamith Firestone, Jacques Lacan, Cities of the Red Night. But she cannot see nature. Anyone who's been deemed unnatural in the face of reigning biological norms, anyone who's experienced injustices wrought in the name of natural order, will realize that the glorification of nature has nothing to offer us -- the queer and trans among us, the differently-abled, as well as those who have suffered discrimination due to pregnancy or duties connected to child-rearing. it starts with a kiss when the possibility of transition becomes real and known, the tomb under nature's shrine cracked, and new histories — bristling with futures — escapes the old order of sex. Serratus anterior. The disciplinary grid of gender is in no small part an attempt to mend that shattered foundation, and tame the lives that escape it. The time has now come to tear down this shrine entirely, and not bow down before it in a piteous apology for what little autonomy has been won. Bicipital fascia. All other distinctions are blurred. In close proximity. Biceps brachii. Sleeping on a computational test-bed a self-reflexive organism which was infinitely enhanceable, improvable, and mobile. Extensor carpi radialis. This new logic has now come to preoccupy her ideas of how to manage life under conditions of real, and imagined, environmental, security, and economic uncertainty. Caudal spine. Her vision is necessarily stereoscopic: she must engineer an economy that liberates. She is like a blinking can of sardines that pushes the subject of the gaze to the brink of nothingness, the ultimate horror. Do the sparkling bodies frighten the colonial, male gaze? At the height of the Cold War, it starts with a kiss, when dogs and monkeys are being launched into orbit as part of the budding space exploration programmes and escalating competition between the USA and the USSR, George Orwell ironically states that all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. At the dawn of the third millennium, in a world caught in indefinite and technologically mediated warfare, such metaphorical grandeur rings rather hollow #BBHMM. Pectoralis major. Caudal fin. Post-anthropocentrism rather suggests the opposite: no animal is more equal than any other, because they are all equally inscribed in a market economy of planetary exchanges that commodifies them to a comparable degree and therefore makes them equally disposable. Conversing deeply. In whirlpools. When the word is spoken, she is frozen ice, a hot water heater, dilapidated ruin. Red muscle.  She over-exaggerates. Sternocleidomastoideus. When the word is spoken, she is either unnecessary elaboration, pointless repetition, superfluous description, a needless appendage or a self-cancelling proposition. This is the story of entities of such vast temporal and spatial dimensions that they defeat traditional ideas about what a thing is in the first place.  In meditating on the political and ethical relationship between bodies in a social landscape, she turns to an extended metaphor about vision and suggests that there are three, rather than two, agents in the visual field: not only the seer (the subject) and the seen (the object) but also a third term, which she names the gaze, which is of course a crucial key in her extended critique of the cogito. it starts with a kiss. Perception is cognition and vision too — neither a representation of the real world, nor a finalized reality in itself. It hangs in an anticipatory, or preemptive, expectation of the next technical development. Rectus abdominis. This non-absolute, generic universality must guard against the facile tendency of conflation with bloated, unmarked particulars — namely Eurocentric universalism — whereby the male is mistaken for the sexless, the white for raceless, the cis for the real, and so on. Pelvic fin. She is making predictions about the future. Absent such a universal, the abolition of class will remain a bourgeois fantasy, the abolition of race will remain a tacit white-supremacism, and the abolition  of gender will remain a thinly veiled misogyny, even when prosecuted by avowed feminists themselves. (The absurd and reckless spectacle of so many self-proclaimed gender abolitionists campaign against trans women is proof enough of this). She tries to see human within it, but she understands that the human is a normative convention, which to her does not make it inherently negative, she just feels it highly regulatory and hence instrumental to practices of exclusion and discrimination. To her, the human norm stands for normality, normalcy and normativity. It functions by transposing a specific mode of being human into a generalized standard, which acquires transcendent values as the human: from male to masculine and onto human as the universalized format of humanity. Drawing the red lines over her toes, she thinks that the human is a historical construct that became a social convention about human nature. She redraws a line of slug trails that crosses the image and transcends it. Red sparkling pathways dissect the skin of her body and instead follow the biomeshed crust of the bellied island. Her drawings pertain to a map that must be produced, constructed, a map that is always detachable, connectable, reversible, modifiable, and has multiple entrance ways and exits each with its own lines of flight, outside the Exclusive Economic Zone of 200 nautical miles (370 km), which countries can claim according to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Teres major. How is she to become hosts of this new world? Myotomes (myomere). Ulna fin. Anal fin. Pair of twins. How does she build a better semiotic parasite — one that arouses the desires she wants to desire, that orchestrates not an autophagic orgy of indignity or rage, but an emancipatory and egalitarian community buttressed by new forms of unselfish solidarity and collective self-mastery? Brachialis.The high seas are not subject to the laws of any sovereign state other than the flag under which a she proposed to built seasteads, outside the territory claimed by the government of any standing nation, where firms become persons and persons become firms. Soft ray dorsal fin. it starts with a kiss